We're really excited to announce that after five years of hard work and fundraising by our members, and the generosity of our donors, construction of the new Centre Rosalie school has begun!
We've raised over £200,000 GBP to date ($300,000 USD) which, for a project that started from nothing, is a massive achievement. So, huge thanks for being a part of it.
We've negotiated a school construction partnership with Fondation Digicel, who will invest both project management expertise and additional funding in our school construction project. We aim to complete phases 1 and 2 by as soon as early 2016.
While this is amazing news for the Port-au-Prince community we've been working with, we fall short of the budget required to deliver everything they need - particularly in such uncertain times for Haiti.
With what we currently have, we can just about build 12 safe, but inflexible classroom units providing for 500 school girls with a small toilet block and kitchen facilities - or 15 units and nothing else.
With £85,000 more we could build 18 units, have flexible walls in phase 2 for community activity, with proper accessibility for 9 of the units and all of the playgrounds.  Adding these extra 3 classroom units will allow the Sisters to educate 120 more girls annually.  
With £115,000 more we could add the above flexible classrooms and a kitchen to feed over 1000 students daily and run cookery courses for young adults
With £150,000 more we could have all the above classrooms, kitchen facilities, in addition to enough toilets, and much better landscaping to connect toilets and playgrounds.
Any additional or smaller donations, will be used to provide solar security lighting, improve accessibility, and to make the most of playground space. We'll push the plans as far as the budget can go.
So, inspired by the generosity of our donors and the success of our crowdfunding campaign a year ago, we are reaching out through our network once again in the hope that you can help us to make the biggest possible impact in the lives of these girls and their surrounding community. With the end of the tax year fast approaching, this is a great time to reach out to your contacts (individuals, companies or foundations) that might be open to pledging more money before the end of this tax year.  
We have 6 months before we have to transfer monies for phase 2, and 100% of the investment will go straight into construction this year. With just little more money, we could add enormous value to hundreds of young Haitian girls.
Please check out our Donation Page for more information, and help us spread the word by sharing this link with your networks: http://bit.ly/1DPke1S
With many thanks again to everyone who has supported our efforts over the last five years,
The Thinking Development Team


Doing post-disaster reconstruction the right way

4,000 schools were destroyed or damaged in the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Already 30% of Haitian children never went to school. More than anything, Haiti needs hundreds of safe schools for the thousands of young minds currently excluded from basic education. 

We are working with the largest educator of women in Haiti to create a disaster resilient, eco-friendly and replicable school for one of Port-au-Prince’s largest girls’ school complexes. When finished, it will serve as an open-source modular design that can be built and maintained by Haitians, and easily adapted elsewhere in Haiti’s dense cities.


Breaking with the status quo 

We believe that successful disaster recovery can only happen when local people are asked what they want and need from recovery. Rather than offering a foreign solution, we've worked with a school community in developing their own sustainable vision for the future. Now we need investment to make their plan a reality.


Take a stand against quick-fix charity! 

Explore our work, meet the people involved, and join our campaign to create a replicable, Haitian school for the brilliant young women of Haiti. Share the project with your friends, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and donate whatever you can! 


27th May 2015: Update and Call for Fundraisers

You might have heard... Construction of the new Centre Rosalie has begun! We're building in partnership with the Digicel Foundation. Check our our 3 minute update video. Lots of amazing fundraising events are being held by our supporters to ensure we build all of the necessary facilities. Help us by donating, organising a fundraising event, or simply spreading the word